Biodiversity and Ethical Business

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Statement of intention: Kyriaki Triantafyllopoulou

This article expresses my personal motivation for participating in this project, my general ideas of how I think I can contribute, and my thoughts on concrete steps to move ahead.

Since my early childhood, nature and its inhabitants became a first priority in my values and thoughts. I was very concerned observing environmental changes, animal habits, their reactions and their adjustment to them. Later on I understood that either the serenity or the wildness of nature is also correlated to human activity and interaction. I came to realize that we are the ones that should contribute and have the power to make things better. Some of us are lucky to receive the correct education, while others are deprived of this chance. I consider that this project will not only be an informative platform, but also a tool against discrimination for those that yearn for learning, evolving and helping. It is not a matter of an obligation but a right to the expression of each individual; the expression of respect to our history our roots and our future. Personally, connecting with living species is the ideal step for me before pursuing a PHD on environmental management and economics, as I believe that interconnection with nature is crucial firstly on an individual and furthermore on a societal level.

Through Pompeu Fabra and Marc Le Menestrel we were given the opportunity to contribute to a socially responsible platform that makes us feel proud of being part of a society that does care and respect biodiversity. Social awareness stems from an individual level and this is where both Marisa and I will be committed to build an informative and communication tool towards its realization. With the mutual support of our peers from INSEAD, this project will add to amplifying the range of awareness to businesses and corporations. This bilateral cooperation will be complemented as well as completed by the most important player, citizens all over the world; people that share the same views and concerns and feel the need to transform their personal power into a massive force that targets the preservation of our planet. Giving biodiversity a chance to live, we are giving a chance to ourselves and our children to live in a better place.. Why shouldn’t we try?