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Positive Visions for Biodiverstity (16-17 October 2010, Brussels)

On 16-17 November 2010, over 200 participants from 43 countries gathered in Brussels to create a Positive Vision of the world that we want and need for the future of humanity and nature and to share ideas on how to build a sustainable society.

Positive Visions for Biodiversity was facilitated by Global Voices, a non-profit organization using their model of a 21st Century Summit. During the course of the two days, the participants developed a “VISION FRAMEWORK”. First they created “vision themes”, which were related to governance, land management, human population, technology, renewable energies, food production, sustainable production and consumption, transformation of the economic paradigm, harmonious values and behaviors, and integration of biodiversity in daily life. For each vision theme, the participants also developed goals to achieve and actions to implement.