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2009 - Organization of GTP workshop in Paris

Marc Le Menestrel and Julian Rode of the Foundation have helped organize and facilitate a workshop bringing together the interim steering committee and a series of stakeholders with a potential interest in the Global Taxonomy Partnership. The Foundation was further represented at the workshop by Marisa Mittelstaedt and Kyriaki Triantafyllopoulou (UPF MBA program) and Meredith Benton and Lydia Ng (INSEAD MBA program).

Worskhop summary: On June 17 & 18, 2009, the Global Taxonomy Partnership (GTP) interim steering committee and a series of stakeholders with a potential interest in championing the initiative met at the Museum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris to share their visions and ideas about mobilizing sustainable new sources of funding for taxonomy. Participants worked together enthusiastically to create a shared blueprint for

1) An inclusive Partnership that manages the global campaign and the Special Trust Fund;

2) A Special Trust Fund that will build and foster sustainable new capacities in taxonomy, particularly in the developing world;

3) A Global Campaign to raise awareness of the fundamental importance of taxonomy and mobilize interest and engagement from various audiences;

4) Fundraising strategies addressed at multiple sources and sponsors.

Either in their own name or through their institutions, several participants proposed follow‐up actions to nurture the momentum generated by the workshop. Next steps include the preparation of a full workshop report and an updated GTP road map; stakeholder engagement; the establishment of task forces with contributors and leaders; the development of a governance model and legal framework; the design of marketing and fundraising strategies; the organisation of a conference with UNESCO and launch of the GTP in 2010.