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European Business & Biodiversity Campaign

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign was initiated by a consortium of European NGOs and companies lead and coordinated by the Global Nature Fund in order to strengthen private sector commitment for biodiversity and ecosystem services. The campaign is supported by the European Union Life+ Programme.

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign aims to:

* disseminate information and demonstrate methodologies and tools that help businesses to assess and mitigate their impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

* showcase business commitment and related biodiversity projects and initiatives such as the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform, IUCN Countdown 2010, the German Business and Biodiversity Initiative and other national and regional initiatives.

* promote and facilitate the creation of strong pro-biodiversity partnerships between business, NGOs and other stakeholders at local, regional, national and European level.

* raise awareness and improve understanding of corporate decision makers concerning the risks and opportunities of business operations in relation to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services.