Biodiversity and Ethical Business

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Business and Biodiversity (CBD)

At its eighth meeting (Curitiba, Brazil, 20-31 March 2006), the Conference of the Parties reiterated the importance of engaging the business community in the implementation of the Convention. Decision VIII/17, the first to focus exclusively on business, covers the engagement of Parties with the business community when developing and implementing national biodiversity strategies and action plans; the participation of business in Convention processes; the compilation, dissemination and strengthening of the ‘business case’ for biodiversity; and the compilation and development of good biodiversity practice.

Pursuant to Decision VIII/17, the Secretariat has, in particular, compiled information on the ’business case’ for biodiversity as well as good practice guidance in a range of sectors. Since October 2006, the Secretariat has also published a newsletter on business and biodiversity to accompany the implementation of decision VIII/17.