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Public Marketing and Communication for the GTP (UPF)

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In cooperation with the University Pompeu Fabra (IDEC), we propose to a group of full-time MBA students to develop a marketing campaign for the Global Taxonomy Partnership (GTP) initiative.


In this article, I review the existing video games with a relation to biodiversity and knowledge on species. The study looks into the segment of web based and computer games around biodiversity and ecosystems, and intends to provide a general overview on the existing games. It also aims to show whether there is room for a creation of a new game on the (...)

Benchmark of Charities with a Focus on Biodiversity

Introduction To create a successful marketing plan it is important to benchmark how, where and to what charities the general public can donate in relation to biodiversity and taxonomy. First it is necessary to get a general idea of what the charity market for biodiversity and taxonomy consists of and secondly to begin to understand how the taxonomy (...)

Interview with a leading taxonomist: Chris Lyal (Natural History Museum, London)

These are the key notes from the interview. We thank Chris Lyal for this insightful conversation! Chris Lyal (Natural History Museum, London) works on the naming and classification of Weevils. 1. Why is taxonomy important to you, why are you fascinated by it? There are 4,000 species of mammals and 220,000 species of Weevils. While saving the (...)

Key Steps for a Marketing Plan

This draft version of a marketing plan has been developed in a meeting with Blanca Fullana (Edelman) on April 21. Step 1: Identify how taxonomy can move an individual Identified potential motives: save lives through discovering new medicines, by-pass the power of the pharmaceutical industry, ie. generate knowledge for the commons instead of (...)

Project guide: time line and key steps

March 30: First meeting with Marc Le Menestrel and Julian Rode - exchange of motivations and needs Next step: Written expression of the MBA students’ motivation, general ideas, and steps to move ahead (upload until April 21) Tuesday April 21, 17:00 -19:00: Kickoff meeting - Marisa Mittelstaedt, Kyriaki Triantafyllopoulou, Julian Rode, Ipek Aktar, Gert (...)


Abstract The data depicted in this paper have resulted from a survey regarding the knowledge, interest, and concern of individuals for biodiversity; with a focus on taxonomy, the science that deals with the observation, description and classification of species on earth. The study was part of the in-company project of two MBA candidates from (...)

Proposal for a UPF MBA Project

In cooperation with the University Pompeu Fabra (IDEC), a group of full-time MBA students helps develop a marketing campaign and do background research for the Global Taxonomy Partnership (GTP). In cooperation with the University Pompeu Fabra (IDEC), a group of full-time MBA students helps develop a marketing campaign and do background research for the (...)

Statement of intention: Kyriaki Triantafyllopoulou

This article expresses my personal motivation for participating in this project, my general ideas of how I think I can contribute, and my thoughts on concrete steps to move ahead. Since my early childhood, nature and its inhabitants became a first priority in my values and thoughts. I was very concerned observing environmental changes, animal habits, (...)