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Standards and guidelines

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CBD guidelines

The Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) provides voluntary guidelines for incorporating biodiversity into environmental impact assessments (EIA) and strategic environmental assessments (SEA) of policies, plans, and programmes. These guidelines define a sequence of procedural steps characterizing good-practice in EIAs and include appropriate (...)

Equator Principles

The Equator Principles serve as financial industry benchmark for determining, assessing and managing social & environmental risk in project financing. The Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) have adopted these principles in order to ensure that the projects they finance are developed in a manner that is socially responsible and (...)

Global Reporting Initiative

The Global Reporting Initiative GRI is a network-based organization that has developed a sustainability reporting framework with guidelines and indicators for various dimensions. The Indicator Protocol for the Environment includes the aspects of energy, water, emissions and biodiversity. Biodiversity performance indicators capture the following (...)

IFC (World Bank) Performance Standards

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank and an especially important international financing institution promoting sustainable private sector investment in developing countries. The IFC developed in 1998 a set of Safeguard Policies. In 2006, these were replaced by the Policy on Social and Environmental Sustainability - (...)