Biodiversity and Ethical Business

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Julian Rode (Coordinator and Researcher)

Julian Rode does academic research, teaching, and consulting mainly on ethical and environmental aspects in decision making of individual or business actors. He is particularly interested in decision making that affects biodiversity. Julian holds a PhD in economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). Curriculum (...)

Marc Le Menestrel (Director of Foundation and Researcher)

Marc Le Menestrel is a decision scientist who does research and teaches about rational behavior, the foundations of measurement and ethical business. He is especially interested in the articulation between economic values and subjective values such as ethical values, aesthetic feelings, cultural tastes or spiritual concerns. Marc holds a PhD in Decision (...)

Anthony Simon (Advisor)

Anthony Simon retired in 2004 from Unilever Bestfoods where he held the position of president, Marketing Foods Division. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Unilever Bestfoods, the third largest food company in the world. With thirty-seven years of experience in the global food industry, he assumed a variety of assignments in marketing, business (...)

Luk Van Wassenhove (Advisor)

Professor Van Wassenhove’s research and teaching are concerned with operational excellence, supply chain management, quality, continual improvement and learning. His recent research focus is on closed-loop supply chains (product take-back and end-of-life issues) and on disaster management (humanitarian logistics). He is a senior editor for Manufacturing (...)

Blanca Fullana (Advisor)

Blanca Fullana majored in English Philology in 1995 by the University of Barcelona and La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia). In 1993, after obtaining her second degree in Public Relations (University of Barcelona), she sensed a fascinating relationship between language and communication. After over 12 years of professional experience in several (...)