Biodiversity and Ethical Business

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Biodiversity, in simplest terms, refers to “life on earth”, both in its variation and its abundance, which is currently being lost in an ever increasing rate.

Businesses interact closely with biodiversity. Some sectors have a direct negative impact. Others harm biodiversity indirectly, through the supply chain or the investments they make. On the other hand, businesses rely on the services that biodiversity provides e.g. healthy, functioning soils, water supply, or access to pollinators for agricultural crops. Few companies manage to align their activites with the conservation of biodiversity. Yet, more and more acknowledge their responsibility. Better monitoring and impact assessment, clear principles and guidelines, or partnership schemes with governments or NGOs are already successfully applied by some companies.

With research, teaching, and other activities this initiative aims to

- enhance awareness that biodiversity is crucial for sustainable development,

- promote business actors’ respect for the natural world,

- foster proper valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services by companies,

- help businesses to exercise their responsibility and to join efforts for halting the trend of biodiversity loss.


This initiative was initiated in March 2008 as the second initiative of the Foundation for a New Ethical Business.